December 16, 2017

Monthly Archives: November 2014

An art pilgrimage to Utah, II

Castle Rock by Troy Broussard

Artwork can be the best souvenir from travel, especially from an area renowned for its landscape or indigenous culture. Unfortunately, while in Moab, Utah, I rarely saw authentic Indian pottery in the shops—a group of lovely vases seen through a shop window, to my chagrin, revealed a stamp reading “Made in China.” I learned that locals were desirous of Moab becoming a stronger visual arts community. And a few painters did catch my eye for their unique flair and perspective for capturing the landscape. One artist in particular was Chad Neihaus. And Moab has served to provide ample inspiration to …continue reading

An art pilgrimage to Utah, part I

Katie Scarlett with authentic petroglyphs, Moab, Utah

Reading somewhere on the internet the other day I saw an article about how scientists and historians now believe that many Petroglyphs found in areas of America could be much much older than previously believed. It brought to mind an adventure I had a few years back–an art pilgrimage to Utah. I put my dog Katie Scarlett in the car and my bicycle on the back and headed west. After two long days of travel I found myself amidst the mystical and strange landscape of Moab, Utah. The geology of this part of Utah is complex and unique in the world. …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Oscar, the cat

Oscar owns his new balcony in Houston...

Houston is growing exponentially. But it isn’t just people. With such a massive influx from all over the world also come their beloved companions. Today’s “Dog on Monday” is actually a cat—meet Oscar the Orange! Oscar is also known as “Second Oscar”. His person Lori Payton tells me that the Original Oscar passed away unexpectedly causing her to quickly search for a new kitten to fill the void. She found him at the Boulder Humane Society and fell in love. He has been Lori’s constant companion for the last 6 years and has seen her through many ups and downs, …continue reading

Tiny masterpieces by Amy Guidry

Coexist by Amy Guidry, 4 x 4" canvas, $100

People often ask me for recommendations of which artist to buy without breaking the bank. Well, this is it… Artist Amy Guidry sent an email blast this week announcing a new collection of $100 paintings—a hundred bucks! Her little pieces are jewels and I wanted to share the information. This little collection are from her “In Our Veins” series which explores connections between living things and the cycle of life, and man’s relationship to the natural world. TroysArt readers might recall that I wrote about Amy back on August 7, 2014. She’s an amazing artist and this is a great …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Jinxie

It's Jinx!

Honestly, what dog doesn’t like clean laundry, or a super warm down comforter?  This week’s Dog on Monday is Jinxie.  This spunky little mixed breed is spoiled with her clean laundry in all of her three houses across the South. “Jinx” denotes a popular superstition as a curse or bad luck.  But it was no bad luck when this pup found two gorgeous women who took her into their family. Jinxie’s people are archeologist Tigger Schexnayder and Oscar nominated sound mixer Pud Cusack of Houston, Marfa, and New Orleans.  This spunky little spitfire is only two years old and a more seasoned …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Quigley


Quigley is a two-year-old Yellow Lab.  His person is Karen Chase. Earlier in the year Karen lost her beloved Lab Annie.  Annie’s death dealt a tough blow to her, and of course after the appropriate amount of time to mourn Karen began looking for a new companion.  She met a few dogs, but none seemed the right fit. Last week Karen heard about this cute fellow.  He had come to be homeless and was scheduled to be put down.  Karen sprang into action, adopted him, and named him Quigley!

Little Boxes by artist Bob Briddick

Not a Peep Out of Little Bo by Bob Briddick, photo courtesy of D.M. Allison Gallery, Houston

Opening this weekend on Gallery Row in Houston is an exhibit called Little Boxes by artist Bob Briddick. I’ve known Bob for 25 years and did not realize that he did artwork until I ran into him at a cocktail party a year ago. Low and behold, all the years that I knew him he had been quietly perfecting his craft of collage. Apparently he has made hundreds of collages in his spare time, never really intending to show his efforts in the form of an exhibition. But since retiring from the decorative trade he has devoted more time to …continue reading