December 16, 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2015

Where food is art too: Kata Robata

Hamachi & Jalapeno Sashimi at Kata Robata

Growing up in Cajun country where fish is battered and deep fried, the idea of sushi was completely foreign to me. I first ate at a Japanese restaurant in 1986 when I visited a friend in Houston. It was something I had only heard of on TV.  I recall that excursion to Miyako—the original out Westheimer—I marveled at the novelty of dining on raw fish and balled up rice wrapped in seaweed. Over the years since then I have been lucky to experience a wide variety of Japanese restaurants all over the world and have come to learn that the cuisine isn’t just a …continue reading

Photo Friday: Erin Glover-Arathoon

Sandia Mountains, NM, by Erin Glover-Arathoon.

Today’s wintery pic for Photo Friday is courtesy of Erin Glover-Arathoon of Albuquerque, New Mexico–though originally from Jennings, Louisiana.  She recently shot this surreal, silvery forestscape while hiking in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque.  Snapped on her cell phone, the scene is exactly as it appeared to her without any photo manipulation.  Amazing isn’t it?  Thanks for the photograph, Erin!

A kick-off party for the Best Friends Brunch


I had a lovely evening a few nights back; I attended a kick-off party for the Best Friends Brunch. The Best Friends Brunch benefits aniMeals on Wheels, a division of Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels program. I found out about this worthy charity through my friends, sisters Kristy Phillips and Wendy Phillips who are serving as brunch chairs. Apparently administrators for the Meals on Wheels program learned of a need for pet food when questioning drivers about what they were learning on their routes. Seems program recipients were not finishing their meals in order to save a portion for their four-legged companions. …continue reading

High points from the TroysArt blog in 2014

Art by David Baum, courtesy of Malcolm Allred.

A secret ingredient in a vegetarian dinner, a missing artist, the artist who posts LOVE graffiti, and an adventure in the Dutch countryside are just a few high points from the TroysArt blog in 2014. When I got my new blog up and running over the summer it started with a whisper instead of a shout. But toward the end of the year it started to gain momentum. That said, this post recalls some of the more successful stories that new readers might have missed.  Click on the links for easy access, and enjoy! A vegetarian in Cajun Country “Go to …continue reading

How long can lights stay up after Christmas?

Christmas Lights by Anthony92931 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

No, I did not erect Santa’s Village in the parking court, a manger on the patio, nor a heard of reindeer pulling a sleigh across the rooftop. This Christmas season I very tastefully hung a row of white lights along the edge of the awning over my front door. And with sunset before I get home from the office I have especially loved coming home to their soft white glow, and I can see to open the gate and to get my key in the lock. It seems colder and darker than ever at this point of the year and …continue reading

A low key birthday with Sisterwoman, wine, and art

It’s me on my birthday with Picasso’s Seated Woman, the Museum of Fine Art – Houston.

I love having a birthday on January 2nd; I start a new year with a new age, it’s like a full cycle. But celebrating in a big way can be difficult.  It’s like just when you thought the holidays were over, guess what! People are partied out by January 2nd. And to travel somewhere sensational is expensive because airlines and hotels are charging New Year’s premiums. And then this year, given the loss of our dear Lisa Benitez and the epic funerary festivities that followed, I was absolutely exhausted both mentally and physically. So this year I opted for a low key birthday …continue reading