December 16, 2017

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A personal Roadshow with appraiser David Lackey

Art pottery with un-recognized mark

David Lackey is known as one of Houston’s premier dealers of antiques and art. He is also known as an appraisal expert for the hit television program Antiques Roadshow. Since the start of the show David has appraised for every Roadshow and has traveled to over 100 cities for filming. I sat down with David this week to ask him about a few ceramic items from my collection. David began dabbling in the antiques business with success and in the mid-80s  went to London for the Christie’s Fine Arts course. He returned to Houston and re-opened his business. It’s about that time he gained …continue reading

What I thought of Go Set a Watchman

What I thought of Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee...

Controversy swirled around the release of Go Set a Watchman, the second work published by Harper Lee. Lee of course won a Pulitzer Prize for her beloved, best-selling American classic To Kill a Mockingbird. This manuscript was “recently discovered” in a bank vault in 2014 and, assumed to be lost, is the work Lee submitted to her publishers before To Kill a Mockingbird. And after some great advice and rewriting her important novel of race relations in rural America emerged. I pre-ordered my copy and would have been long finished if not for other novels on my bedside when it …continue reading

The new Bryan Museum has WOW factor

The Bryan Museum, Galveston

Welcome to the newest museum on the block, the Bryan Museum. Opened just a month ago in Galveston the Bryan Museum is located in the magnificent old Galveston Orphan’s Home on 21st Street. The museum is home to the largest collection of Southwestern art and artifacts in the world. I visited this week. J.P. Bryan is the founder and CEO of Houston-based Torch Energy Advisor and he’s a descendant of Moses Austin, the father of Stephen F. Austin. Over the years he and his wife Mary Jon Bryan amassed a vast collection of over 70,000 pieces spanning 2,500 years of …continue reading

In memory of Sandra Prather Broussard

Sandra Prather Broussard, 1946 - 2015

August 6th, 2015 – Today would have marked the 69th birthday of my mother Sandra Fay Prather Broussard. This special TroysArt post is dedicated to a life that touched so many and a life that ended too soon. The daughter of Bob & Fay Prather, she was born in New Orleans and grew up in downtown Jennings and with her sister Charlotte was third generation in the Prather home on Nezpique Street. As a youngster Sandra was known as a firebrand with pigtails, coveralls, and her notorious bag of marbles roaming the alleys off Main Street and the yards of the …continue reading