December 16, 2017

Monthly Archives: November 2015

Chasing ghosts at Hotel Galvez

A ghostly face in room 501, courtesy of Hotel Galvez.

My favorite nearby get-away is Galveston, Texas (TroysArt – Gung Ho on Galveston); and without question my favorite hotel on the island is Hotel Galvez (Troysart – The art of escape, the Hotel Galvez).   This week I visited with Lake Charles gal-pal Courtenay Deats Guillory. And for as many times as I have visited the Galvez, this was the first time I ever heard of paranormal occurrences. That is how Court and I ended up chasing ghosts at Hotel Galvez. According to concierge Melissa Hall the most notorious spirit haunting the halls is a bride-to-be named Audra who stayed in room 501 …continue reading

Remember that time I was on TV? The Big Switch

Troy Broussard of The Big Switch, cover of OutSmart Magazine, November 2002.

Does anyone remember that time I was on TV? The Big Switch was a home design challenge sponsored by Houston PBS KUHT, Houston Chronicle, OutSmart Magazine, and Bassett Furniture. Emmy award winning Ernie Manouse hosted the two day challenge in which designers Jennifer Lowe and myself transformed the interiors of neighboring Habitat for Humanity homes. Not only did we have two days but we had a budget of $1,500, part of which we had to use at least one piece of Bassett furniture. The Big Switch was the most watched original program in the 2002 Houston PBS broadcast season. Incidentally, …continue reading

Photo Friday: Roxanne Lasage

Bayou Nezpique by Roxanne LeGros Lasage.

Once again the TroysArt Photo Friday featured pic comes by way of Roxanne LeGros Lasage of Jennings, Louisiana.  Roxi is an avid outdoorsman, amateur photographer, and animal lover–readers might recall her beautiful mallard drake featured back in March (TroysArt – Roxanne LeGros Lasage).  Today’s beautiful snap occurred on Bayou Nezpique! Thanks for another great photograph, Roxi!