December 16, 2017

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Top TroysArt blog posts of 2015

Kirk Longmire, Troy Broussard, & Kristy Phillips on a yacht in Puerto Vallarta.

There are interesting resources available to me as the owner of a blog—the webmaster, if you will. I can see how many people log in, how long they visit, what search terms they used to get here. I can also see how well a post does by the number of people who read it. In the tradition of a TroysArt year in review (High points from TroysArt 2014) I present the Top TroysArt blog posts of 2015… oh, and click the title links in blue for easy access! The most read story of the year was In memory of Sandra …continue reading

A few more good books…

Winfield: Living in the Shadow of the Woolworths by Monica Randall

A few good reads (Troysart – A few good reads) recounted some of the books I read in 2014 up until I wrote the post in May of this year. I have never considered myself an avid reader but I do always seem to have a few books simmering on the bedside at any given time. So in the spirit of making this a yearly post I have compiled this list of books read since May. Here are my thoughts on a few more good books… and a couple not so good too! (And by the way, click on the …continue reading