December 16, 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2016

Houston’s favorite BYOB Vietnamese: Huynh

Chargrilled Pork Spring Rolls with fish sauce at Huynh.

When I moved to Houston I found a world of cuisine that I could have never dreamed of before—growing up in rural Louisiana we thought that Mexican food at Casa Manana in Lake Charles was the bomb. And I had no idea that there was such a thing as Vietnamese cuisine—but I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it. Of course back at that time Kim Son was all the rage and seemed to be the pinnacle of Vietnamese cuisine in Houston. But lately I have a new restaurant obsession. My friends and I have rediscovered …continue reading

Photo Friday: Deidra Reed

Deidra Reed, 2015, Lake Arthur Sunset

Today’s Photo Friday feature is from Deidra Reed—and it is easy to see why she trademarks her photography Simply Louisiana.  Deidra was raised in Jennings but spent most of her life at her lake house in Lake Arthur where the photo was taken.  “I’m an amateur photographer,” she tells TroysArt, “but I see beauty in everything.  If it’s of God’s creation or vintage, old and rusty, it makes a great photo.  Photography is my obsession!”  TroysArt’s Photo Friday was conceived as a recurring vehicle to spotlight photographers, whether a professional or just the occasional shutterbug. And many thanks Deidra for this week’s beautiful …continue reading