December 16, 2017

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Another exciting Best Friends Brunch benefitting aniMeals

Troy Broussard & Delta Dawn, 2016 Best Friends Brunch benefitting aniMeals.

My dog should be an international socialite… Once again this year Delta Dawn rocked the ballroom of a fancy hotel! The occasion was another exciting Best Friends Brunch benefitting aniMeals on Wheels at Houston’s fabulous Hotel Zaza. aniMeals on Wheels, a division of Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels program, was conceived after Interfaith administrators for the Meals on Wheels program questioned drivers about what they were learning on their routes.  Seems recipients were not finishing their meals in order to save portions for their pets. The aniMeals program was created to provide pet food so that home-bound seniors would not feel compelled …continue reading

Stumps are brightly painted at College Park Cemetery

College Park Cemetery, Houston, Texas.

Sometimes it only takes a few hours to discover something interesting in your own backyard.  For years I passed the overgrown and neglected parcel of land on the eastern border of River Oaks on West Dallas—always told that it was an ancient slave cemetery.  I guess it is poignant that I visited the site a couple days ago, being as it is Black History Month.  And I was particularly intrigued by the restoration and the folk art—all of the stumps are brightly painted at College Park Cemetery. College Park Cemetery is one of the three remaining African-American cemeteries from the …continue reading

Artists in Black History Month

William Tolliver, “The Runner”, courtesy of the Zigler Art Museum.

(As we all know, February is Black History Month. This post is a simplified and revised version of a feature article that I wrote about artists in Black History Month for the Lake Charles American Press; it was published with my byline on February 3, 2008. A version was also published on my original TroysArt blog February 2008. Photographic images were provided courtesy of the Zigler Art Museum in Jennings, Louisiana. Also, please recognize that art historians often use the description Black American in defining the group apart from Caucasians. This term embraces those of African, Caribbean, and Creole decent. While the inclusion …continue reading