December 16, 2017

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There are problems with parking in Galveston

My car with a Galveston parking ticket.

Regular readers know that I have been very kind to Galveston. My posts such as Gung Ho on Galveston or Chasing Ghosts at Hotel Galvez are two examples; type Galveston into TroysArt Search and the plethora of posts pop up. But the recent occurrence of getting a parking ticket has me flummoxed. There are problems with parking in Galveston. We all know that the recent parking situation on the Seawall is ridiculous. In 2012 Galveston instituted a pay-by-phone system and on several occasions it has taken me up to twenty minutes trying to register my car by phone in order, …continue reading

In memory of Mother on her 70th birthday…

2013, meeting Delta Dawn

This is a repost of the blog a year ago celebrating Miss Sandra’s birthday.  Not a day goes by without my thoughts of this wonderful woman who was taken too soon.  Today would have been her 70th birthday.   Note:  Some of the photos and my blog layout did not translate well, so please forgive me.  Search her name on my blog to see the original post as well as the beautiful comments that followed.  August 6th, 2015 – Today would have marked the 69th birthday of my mother Sandra Fay Prather Broussard. This special TroysArt post is dedicated to a life that touched so many and a …continue reading