June 22, 2017

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Southern Stories in the Books of 2016

Hathaway Hall in The River Road is obviously Nottoway; Nottoway Plantation by Ludovic Bertron from New York City, USA, via Wikimedia Commons.

In November I was a guest at a small party in River Oaks at the mansion of Exxon heiress Joan Blaffer Johnson; I met Joan and one of her sons. It was a sunny day and a lovely gathering on Del Monte Drive. But I recalled a scandal which took place in that mansion; something about a con man who not only took over the family’s finances but also terrorized them for years. After leaving the party one of my friends asked, “Didn’t you read Monster in River Oaks?” I bought and read the book right away. And OMG! As …continue reading

La Tapatia did not just catch fire again—with us it!

We got out of La Tapatia just as the fire trucks arrived.

Last week my friend Stacey Abbott and I had lunch together at La Tapatia, the Montrose location of course, just the two of us. Stacey fashions a weight conscience salad out of fajitas and lettuce; I shamelessly order the cheese enchiladas. But we both love the margaritas—La Tapatia has one of the best house margaritas in Houston. After we finished our meal we were savoring our last drinks when I excused myself for the men’s room. As I stood at the urinal I looked up, knowing that La Tapatia had recently reopened after a kitchen fire, and I admired the fresh …continue reading