December 16, 2017


A Cajun Christmas Carol

The Roosevelt Hotel is famous for the Christmas extravaganza that encompasses its lavish lobby during December.

CHRISTMAS 2016 Early on Christmas morning I stand beside Mother’s grave in the Greenwood Cemetery of Jennings, Louisiana. It is the first Christmas a headstone marks her burial; the epitaph reads Beautiful Mother. She rests next to her mother Fay who died in 1977 and her grandmother Elizabeth who died on Christmas Day, 1949. It is only 7:30 but the temperature is already 73°. A muggy breeze rustles the oak boughs and migrating geese call soulfully overhead. As I slap a mosquito from my neck and wipe a tear from my eye I get into the car and head to …continue reading

Words of Wisdom to a High School Graduate

Class of 2017

Uncle Troy’s Words of Wisdom in honor of Cameron’s Graduation It seems like only a few years ago when my nephew was born. But Cameron Broussard Boggio is 18 years old now, graduating from Memorial High School in Houston, and off to college at the end of the summer. So, in his honor, instead of a Hallmark card, I composed this list: Never underestimate the value of good manners. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The right friends are hard to find but usually easy to keep. It doesn’t always matter where you came from, but it matters …continue reading

A Confederacy of Vices

The perfectly located Hotel St. Marie looks like an antique building but was built 40 years ago, making it a relative newcomer to the Vieux Carré.

MARCH 2017: A GLAMOR TO GUTTER LITERARY TRAVEL LOG OF FRENCH QUARTER TOURISM, WITH OCCASSIONAL REFERENCES TO A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. New Orleans is one of the extraordinary cities, a hybrid of old and new world cultures, the perfect package of people, architecture, attitude, and vibe. Tennessee Williams once said, “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.  Everywhere else is Cleveland.” But what about Chicago? What about Las Vegas? What about Miami? The point is well made, New Orleans is unique and there is no place like it. For a year, my friend Graham and …continue reading

Tourism during, and Surviving, the Bayou Classic

Melanie’s first experience in the Crescent City, we saw as many sights as we could. We even took a street car ride up Saint Charles

Bullets rained on Bourbon Street on November 27th, 2016, as an argument between two thugs escalated. When the smoke cleared, ten people had been shot, one fatally; and none of the victims had anything to do with the original altercation—none were intended targets. The shooting erupted because of a previous quarrel between the two, and took place a few hours after the conclusion of the Bayou Classic, an annual Saturday night football game between Grambling State and Southern University. It is a dangerous weekend in New Orleans; and this is my own story of tourism during, and surviving, the Bayou …continue reading

Blowout: the Louisiana Tire Catastrophe of 2014

The other day a ping emanated from my dashboard; a diagram of the car lit up and the pressure in each tire was displayed.

The other day a ping emanated from my dashboard; a diagram of the car lit up and the pressure in each tire was displayed. Noticing tires on the lower side of acceptable pressure, my first thought attributed the gauge fluctuation to the chilly change of weather. But then I remembered my blowout: the Louisiana tire catastrophe of 2014. I-10 runs 275 miles through Louisiana—and I have travelled every inch of it many many times. This particular trip, my Springer Spaniel was a young dog and I owned an onyx colored Mercedes E-class sedan, which appeared either metallic black or deep …continue reading

In memory of Mother on her 70th birthday…

2013, meeting Delta Dawn

This is a repost of the blog a year ago celebrating Miss Sandra’s birthday.  Not a day goes by without my thoughts of this wonderful woman who was taken too soon.  Today would have been her 70th birthday.   Note:  Some of the photos and my blog layout did not translate well, so please forgive me.  Search her name on my blog to see the original post as well as the beautiful comments that followed.  August 6th, 2015 – Today would have marked the 69th birthday of my mother Sandra Fay Prather Broussard. This special TroysArt post is dedicated to a life that touched so many and a …continue reading

Easy DIY Cigar Jewelry Boxes

Easy DIY Cigar Jewelry Boxes.

Readers who know me personally know that I have a weakness for cufflinks—I wear them daily. For years I kept my cufflinks in a drawer, some of them had their own individual boxes, some were just loose. But it became a problem rooting through dozens of cufflinks in the morning not only deciding which ones to wear but finding a matching pair. A few years ago I came up with a solution to my cufflink storage and display needs by making easy DIY cigar jewelry boxes, which I also call cufflink keepers. This craft project is so simple, it’s almost …continue reading

TroysArt simple & elegant DIY Easter Eggs

TroysArt simple DIY Easter Eggs.

You are never too old to paint Easter Eggs. But no matter the age, child and adult alike, the inner-artist yearns to break away from the traditional PAAS vinegar dip method for a more unique and sophisticated egg. In honor of Easter, this post is a TroysArt simple & elegant DIY Easter Eggs tutorial. You will need: Boiled Eggs Craft paints, or acrylic paint, including a metallic gold and/or silver Krylon acrylic (non-toxic) spray varnish A bottle of wine Using room temperature dry eggs select a bright color and apply a small amount of acrylic paint with your fingertips.  Have fun swirling it …continue reading

Top TroysArt blog posts of 2015

Kirk Longmire, Troy Broussard, & Kristy Phillips on a yacht in Puerto Vallarta.

There are interesting resources available to me as the owner of a blog—the webmaster, if you will. I can see how many people log in, how long they visit, what search terms they used to get here. I can also see how well a post does by the number of people who read it. In the tradition of a TroysArt year in review (High points from TroysArt 2014) I present the Top TroysArt blog posts of 2015… oh, and click the title links in blue for easy access! The most read story of the year was In memory of Sandra …continue reading

Remember that time I was on TV? The Big Switch

Troy Broussard of The Big Switch, cover of OutSmart Magazine, November 2002.

Does anyone remember that time I was on TV? The Big Switch was a home design challenge sponsored by Houston PBS KUHT, Houston Chronicle, OutSmart Magazine, and Bassett Furniture. Emmy award winning Ernie Manouse hosted the two day challenge in which designers Jennifer Lowe and myself transformed the interiors of neighboring Habitat for Humanity homes. Not only did we have two days but we had a budget of $1,500, part of which we had to use at least one piece of Bassett furniture. The Big Switch was the most watched original program in the 2002 Houston PBS broadcast season. Incidentally, …continue reading