December 16, 2017

Dog on Mondays

Dog on Monday: Tudy

Boston Terrier - Tudy

Today’s Dog on Monday is Tudy–a spoiled, pampered, and feisty Boston Terrier. She is six years old and her people are Mark Moss and Stacey Abbott of Houston. (Mark’s nickname for Tudy is School Bus.) Stacey Abbott is the owner/operator of fabulous and hip Spa 1107 in Montrose.  Stacey is a renowned color expert–they say you sit in her chair as a client and you leave as a friend.  Her salon also boasts stylists Renee Rawlinson, Yumi Matsushima, Mark Bocanegra, and Theresa Castillo. Tudy’s habits include hanging out with friends, wearing funny outfits, napping on an electric blanket, and chewing on wood. She’s quite …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Addie

Addie is a 4-year-old English Springer Spaniel

Today’s Dog on Monday is an English Springer Spaniel named Addie.  Addie will be 4 years-old on May 27th.  She’s an active dog who likes to run but she also loves to sleep as much as possible. Addie’s person is Jenah Darbonne of Jennings, Louisiana. Addie has beautiful field-bred Springer markings–covered head-to-toe with ticking or freckles.  She also has a full thick coat of fur which Jenah keeps in check with frequent grooming, as evidence by the pic above. What else makes Addie so special?  She’s not only a sweet and beautiful dog, she’s also Delta Dawn‘s mother! Thanks to …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Lucy Dora

A Jack Russell Terrier named Lucy Dora

This week’s TroysArt Dog on Monday is little Lucy Dora, a wriggly young Jack Russell Terrier.  Lucy lives in Lake Charles.  Her person is Terry Donovan. Lucy enjoys playing in her big back yard–especially when Delta Dawn stops in for a visit!  Delta Dawn is Lucy’s best friend… look out this Christmas holiday, the two will meet again soon. Thanks, Terry, for the cute photo!

Dog on Monday: Chanel & Lucy

Chanel (Papillion) & Lucy (Yorkie) peaking from the Haute Pets van.

Don’t they look expensive!  This week’s Dog on Monday is a duo, cute little Chanel & Lucy! Chanel is a Papillion and Lucy is a Yorkshire Terrier. These pampered poochies are the pride and joy of Wendy Phillips. And pampered they are indeed… Wendy is the owner of Haute Pets, Houston’s premier hoytie toytie mobile grooming company. Have you noticed any of the pink grooming vans buzzing around the city?  Haute Pets arrives to the client’s home or business to provide professional grooming services in a clean, stress-free environment. The vans are fully equipped to pamper dogs (or cats) with organic shampoo, hydrotherapy …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Trixie Lou Junebug Hanks

Trixie Lou Junebug Hanks is a healthy young Labrador.  She has a very happy home in Zachary, Louisiana, where her people are Barry & Melanie Hanks, and little ones Audrey & Henry Hanks. Trixie is not only a family pet and indoor pup, but also a most accomplished retriever.  Her picture today is provided by Mr. Hanks on his first hunt of the season.  (Mr. Hanks is not only the head of the Zachary Chapter of Ducks Unlimited but also the State DU “Green Wing” Chair in charge of youth outreach.)  Look at those ancient and magnificent cypress trunks in the …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Oscar, the cat

Oscar owns his new balcony in Houston...

Houston is growing exponentially. But it isn’t just people. With such a massive influx from all over the world also come their beloved companions. Today’s “Dog on Monday” is actually a cat—meet Oscar the Orange! Oscar is also known as “Second Oscar”. His person Lori Payton tells me that the Original Oscar passed away unexpectedly causing her to quickly search for a new kitten to fill the void. She found him at the Boulder Humane Society and fell in love. He has been Lori’s constant companion for the last 6 years and has seen her through many ups and downs, …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Jinxie

It's Jinx!

Honestly, what dog doesn’t like clean laundry, or a super warm down comforter?  This week’s Dog on Monday is Jinxie.  This spunky little mixed breed is spoiled with her clean laundry in all of her three houses across the South. “Jinx” denotes a popular superstition as a curse or bad luck.  But it was no bad luck when this pup found two gorgeous women who took her into their family. Jinxie’s people are archeologist Tigger Schexnayder and Oscar nominated sound mixer Pud Cusack of Houston, Marfa, and New Orleans.  This spunky little spitfire is only two years old and a more seasoned …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Quigley


Quigley is a two-year-old Yellow Lab.  His person is Karen Chase. Earlier in the year Karen lost her beloved Lab Annie.  Annie’s death dealt a tough blow to her, and of course after the appropriate amount of time to mourn Karen began looking for a new companion.  She met a few dogs, but none seemed the right fit. Last week Karen heard about this cute fellow.  He had come to be homeless and was scheduled to be put down.  Karen sprang into action, adopted him, and named him Quigley!

Dog on Monday: Bush Boy

Bush Boy hiding behind a leaf.

About three weeks ago a kitten appeared at the back door of our office building. One of the designers Brie Higginson sprang into action buying all of the necessary accoutrements for the care and welfare of the little tike. And since he lives in the bushes we started calling him the Bush Baby… So this week, the TroysArt Dog on Monday is actually a cat! But Bush Baby has seen hardship in his short life; somehow he came to have an infected tail. This unfortunate malady required Brie to coax him out of the shrubbery with food then douse his …continue reading

Dog on Monday: Sydney

Sydney the Australian Shepherd

This week’s Dog on Monday is Sydney, a frisky Australian Shepherd.  Her people are the Jurgensen family from Pearland, Texas–Steve, Jenee’, John Michael, and little Jillian.  Here Sydney is shown, ready for Halloween, wearing one of Jillian’s princess dresses, though she seems more interested in the tennis ball! According to Jenee’, Sydney is becoming more frisky as the cooler weather moves to Texas–look at her thick coat, I can imagine.  But she’s afraid of the rain, she’ll try to jump into the bathtub or laundry basket when it starts to pour.  But one of Sydney’s most endearing qualities is empathy; if …continue reading