December 16, 2017

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Whoever coined “the customer is always right” was an idiot

Done as a principal with Edward J. Perrault Design Associates, a bedroom in Pebble Beach, CA, featuring custom designed furniture with an antique Japanese screen.

It was the one year anniversary of Mother’s death and it was a quiet day at work (as explained in previous posts I do design work for a major American furniture company which also entails assisting any Tom, Dong, or Jugdish who wanders in off the street). Most of the design staff sat around the office that day wondering if the doors were unlocked. And I was grateful to make it through the day with calm and grace. It was also the night of the week that I am key holder charged with locking up. And evenings mid-week are rarely eventful. …continue reading

The fine art of sleep: Tempur-pedic

The Tempur-pedic Cloud Luxe at Bassett SleepShop

I reckon that everyone can conjure images from late night infomercials of a man jumping on a mattress with a glass of wine on it—the early days of the Tempur-pedic campaign. But when it comes to Tempur-pedic there are a few things that people think they know; but mostly there are facts that they do not. Most people who object to the idea of a Tempur-pedic say that they’ve heard it “sleeps hot” or that they just don’t like the feeling. Welcome to the 21st Century, folks! Like typewriters and rotary dial phones, innerspring mattresses are old technology. An objection …continue reading