December 16, 2017


Those pesky Pet Peeves (kids in a restaurant bar)

“Messy Child” by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble).

When toying with the idea to compose a post about a pet peeve, I thought not to do it. Seems to me that airing grievances promotes negative energy. But one of those pesky pet peeves (kids in a restaurant bar) reared its ugly head yesterday and I am letting it out into the universe… A peeve is an annoyance or grievance; coupled with the word pet it is something an individual has adopted as particularly distressing. A pet peeve isn’t just something a person finds annoying; a pet peeve is a specific occurrence that bugs him every time. Something that …continue reading

Another exciting Best Friends Brunch benefitting aniMeals

Troy Broussard & Delta Dawn, 2016 Best Friends Brunch benefitting aniMeals.

My dog should be an international socialite… Once again this year Delta Dawn rocked the ballroom of a fancy hotel! The occasion was another exciting Best Friends Brunch benefitting aniMeals on Wheels at Houston’s fabulous Hotel Zaza. aniMeals on Wheels, a division of Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels program, was conceived after Interfaith administrators for the Meals on Wheels program questioned drivers about what they were learning on their routes.  Seems recipients were not finishing their meals in order to save portions for their pets. The aniMeals program was created to provide pet food so that home-bound seniors would not feel compelled …continue reading

Remember that time I was on TV? The Big Switch

Troy Broussard of The Big Switch, cover of OutSmart Magazine, November 2002.

Does anyone remember that time I was on TV? The Big Switch was a home design challenge sponsored by Houston PBS KUHT, Houston Chronicle, OutSmart Magazine, and Bassett Furniture. Emmy award winning Ernie Manouse hosted the two day challenge in which designers Jennifer Lowe and myself transformed the interiors of neighboring Habitat for Humanity homes. Not only did we have two days but we had a budget of $1,500, part of which we had to use at least one piece of Bassett furniture. The Big Switch was the most watched original program in the 2002 Houston PBS broadcast season. Incidentally, …continue reading

The art of yachting Puerto Vallarta

Kirk Longmire, Troy Broussard, & Kristy Phillips on a yacht in Puerto Vallarta.

Paraphrasing Carly Simon, I walked into the party like I was walking onto a yacht… and I was walking onto a yacht! It was a party too. TroysArt readers know that I recently spent time on the west coast of Mexico and this as promised is the second of two posts about the adventure (see: TroysArt – Our swank soiree in Sayulita) specifically dedicated to the art of yachting Puerto Vallarta. But first a refresher of our cast of characters. We were all guests of Rob Taylor and Kristy Phillips celebrating Rob’s birthday in Sayulita. Also present were Rob’s son Trey …continue reading

Our swank soirée in Sayulita!

“Dinner with great friends and this memory" by Raj Kalra, Sayulita.

Though I had never heard of Sayulita, Mexico, I jumped at the opportunity when invited by Houston attorney Rob Taylor and his beautiful girlfriend Kristy Phillips to celebrate Rob’s birthday. A variety of photos and tags went up on social media over the past week followed by an avalanche of questions.  So naturally this TroysArt post is about what to expect and where to go based on our swank soirée in Sayulita! But first we must define the motley crew assembled for the occasion.  The group included:  Rob’s son Trey Taylor of Houston and his girlfriend Elizabeth from Orange; Rob’s daughter Lacy Taylor from San Francisco with …continue reading

Cholesterol, like life, can be unfair!

Queso Puff appetizer plate from El Meson--good cholesterol or bad cholesterol?

The insurance that I buy through work requires me to have a complete physical yearly by the end of August or they will jack up my rates. So in compliance I saw my primary care physician last week. I was tested for everything, even Syphilis which is apparently epidemic these days, and tests returned with good results except for cholesterol. Apparently my cholesterol levels are alarming. So this post is about how cholesterol, like life, can be unfair! And just to warn TroysArt readers, because it sounds more fun I will refer to cholesterol as cholester-oil for the remainder of my story. So, at the outset, what IS cholester-oil? Bad …continue reading

In memory of Sandra Prather Broussard

Sandra Prather Broussard, 1946 - 2015

August 6th, 2015 – Today would have marked the 69th birthday of my mother Sandra Fay Prather Broussard. This special TroysArt post is dedicated to a life that touched so many and a life that ended too soon. The daughter of Bob & Fay Prather, she was born in New Orleans and grew up in downtown Jennings and with her sister Charlotte was third generation in the Prather home on Nezpique Street. As a youngster Sandra was known as a firebrand with pigtails, coveralls, and her notorious bag of marbles roaming the alleys off Main Street and the yards of the …continue reading

Galveston, Tropical Storm Bill, and the art of hurricane panic

The unsinkable Graham Gemoets, Galveston.

I love Galveston—it’s such a short drive from Houston but such a world away from the city. My buddy Graham Gemoets has a charming little getaway there near The Strand. With Mother’s passing and as hard as I have been working I felt long overdue for a trip and quality time with a friend.  Mr. Gemoets is almost seven feet tall and more outrageous than can be recounted here–he should have his own TV show.  Anyway, a Tropical Disturbance, soon to become Tropical Storm Bill, was churning in the Gulf with all spaghetti models projecting a route directly to Houston. But I …continue reading

The true meaning of Memorial Day – Discounts?

Arlington National Cemetery by Andrew Bossi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Formerly known as Decoration Day (the day to decorate the graves of the fallen), the federal holiday of Memorial Day was created in commemoration of those who died while serving in the United States military. Observed yearly on the last Monday of May, this year it falls on May 25th. But over the past 150 years Memorial Day has morphed into alternative connotations. Many Americans have come to accept that the new true meaning of Memorial Day is Discounts! For the past several years I have been a designer for a major American furniture brand. And while my skills are better suited …continue reading

The Best Friends Brunch, Delta Dawn’s big day!

aniMeals Best Friends Brunch

Most English Springer Spaniels are at home running through a grassy meadow or trudging through the marsh. But after Delta Dawn‘s big day at the aniMeals Best Friends Brunch I realize that her ideal habitat is a luxury hotel. I wrote a post a month back about the aniMeals Best Friends Brunch (Kick-off party for Best Friends Brunch – The Best Friends Brunch benefited aniMeals on Wheels, a division of Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels program. I found out about the charity through my friends, sisters Kristy Phillips and Wendy Phillips who, with Teena Davis, served as brunch co-chairs. The program was …continue reading